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If you are stuck for inspiration, this site  offers methods and tools to jump start your Muse.  If you are filled with ideas yet can’t combine them into a single, seamless narrative, you will learn how to  find the holes and inconsistencies in your structure and discover how to fill and fix them.  If you want tips on storytelling style, training in any aspect of the writing craft or on using writing software, look no further!

Free articles, videos and books on story structure and storytelling from one of the world’s leading narrative theorists.

I’m Melanie Anne Phillips, creator of StoryWeaver and co-creator of Dramatica and I’ll be your Story Guru for this evening.  Since 1991, I’ve taught the elements of story structure and the art of storytelling to thousands of students from all over the world.  

This site, with its free writing resources, represents the best of what I’ve learned and taught about narrative over the decades.  Here you’ll find free articles, videos and audio programs as well as not-so-free software tools.  You can also Ask the Guru questions on all aspects of story development and on narrative application in the real world as well, and if I’m in the mood, I might answer them.


Melanie Anne Phillips

Free Articles

Expert suggestions for improvement of your manuscript or screenplay.

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Free Videos

Free Programs that help you get your story told.

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Not-s0-free Tools

Original software product for idea generation and story development.

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Melanie Anne Phillips (me) co-created the Dramatica Theory of Story Structure and has spent two decades analyzing novels, screenplays, and real-world narratives.

Dramatica and its theories have been employed by New York Times best-selling authors, Academy Award-winning writers and Directors, and Emmy-winning Producers.

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