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Storymind Guru offers free articles and free video courses on story structure and storytelling.  In addition, we are the creators of best-selling software for story development.

I’m Melanie Anne Phillips, creator of StoryWeaver, co-creator of Dramatica and teacher of writers and screenwriters world-wide since 1991.

I designed Storymind Guru to share what I’ve learned over the years about creative writing, story development, story structure and narrative science.  Here you’ll find the very best of my articles, videos and audio programs on all four of these subject areas.

Though I’m technically retired now, I occasionally, though not always, respond to  individual questions.  Just Ask the Guru, and if I’m in a good mood, you may get an answer. Plus, I offer a variety of products to improve your stories and  your writing experience.

Melanie Anne Phillips

It’s one thing to suggest how to improve a bad book or movie.  But how about describing how to improve a successful one to make it even better?

I wrote these constructive criticisms to showcase the power of the Dramatica method of story analysis.  Click on a pic or click here to read them all.

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